Forming in early 2016, plainFARADAY is an indie folk project hailing from Colorado. The backbone of the group consists of the father-son duo, Caleb (vocals and guitar) and Rob Sanders (upright bass). In addition, the group also includes cellist Katie Burns, percussionist Miles Jenkins, and multi-instrumentalist Ezra Bram. Their unique sound and energetic stage performance have helped them become one of Colorado’s up-and-coming bands (says Caleb’s mom).

plainFARADAY’s indie sound lies somewhere between acoustic Americana and modern folk, often integrating aspects of rock, bluegrass, blues and jazz. Performing mostly original songs, their quest for meaningful lyrics and dynamic compositions are guided by a respect for wood and steel, times past and present.

Working with local favorite The Spot Studio, the group released two singles in 2017, ‘Porcelain Fine’ and ‘My Friend’.  They released a third single in April 2018, ‘Declivity’ in partnership with local music producer and coffee aficionado Tyler Venter.  They’re looking to release an EP in 2019.

When not playing music, the group also enjoys consuming eclectic brands of root beer, chess throw downs, hucking a disc with friends in the warm Colorado sun, hacky-sacking, and exploring the inspiring Rocky Mountains.