Forming in 2017, Plain Faraday is an independent music project from Colorado. The group was originally founded by the father-son duo, Caleb (guitar, vocals) and Rob Sanders (upright bass). The two began their musical journey playing coffee shops and writing songs in their living room. Over the years, their efforts expanded to a variety of local musicians and developed a heavy emphasis on creative, collaborative, and dynamic music accessible to a wide audience. Today, the guild of musician-friends includes Caleb Sanders, cellist Katie Burns, drummer Miles Jenkins, multi-instrumentalist Riley Merino, trumpeter Ian Thomas, and trombonist Matteo Bassani.

Plain Faraday’s unique sound lies somewhere between modern folk and neo-funk (it’s a Colorado thing).  Influences of indie-rock, Americana, jazz, and pop abound. The group’s quest for meaningful lyrics and dynamic compositions are guided by a respect for wood and steel, times past and present.

In their time together, the band has released several singles. In January 2020, they released Blue Eyes – a song that blurs the boundaries between jazz, reggae and indie-pop. Team Faraday’s first record (a 7-track EP) was released in September of 2020. While this EP is a pure testament to their folk roots, it subtly hints at their expansion into new musical spaces. They’re currently working on their second EP, Pink Blazer – a project that is sure to expose your stankiest funk face upon your first listen.

When not playing music, the Faraday crew can be found roaming (or skating) the streets of Denver, sipping local brew, throwing down in a game of chess, kicking the hacky sack with friends in the park, basking riverside in the warm Colorado sun, and exploring the inspiring Rocky Mountains.