Moxi Theater (Greeley, CO)
Friday, September 30th
8PM (w/ Susto)


Lulu’s Upstairs (Colorado Springs, CO)
Thursday, September 1st
8PM (w/ Grady Spencer & The Work)

The Black Buzzard at Oscar Blues (Denver, CO)
Saturday, September 3rd
8PM (w/ Grady Spencer & The Work)

Moxi Theater (Greeley, CO)
Sunday, September 4th
8PM (w/ Grady Spencer & The Work)

Lost Lake Lounge (Denver, CO)
Friday, July 22
7:30 PM (w/ Sound of Honey, Stop Motion, Denver Yacht Club)

Clement Park Summer Concert Series (Littleton, CO)
Thursday, July 7
7 PM (free)

Lulu’s Downstairs (Manitou Springs, CO)
Friday, June 17th
7:00 PM (w/ The Arcadian Wild)

Flippin’ Vans (Denver, CO)
Saturday, June 11
6:30 PM (w/ Emily Brimlow)

House Show (Boise, ID)
Sunday, June 5
8:00 PM (w/ Emily Brimlow)

Livit Coffee Co (Walla Walla, WA)
Friday, June 3
6:30 PM (w/ Emily Brimlow)

House Show (Vancouver, WA)
Thursday, June 2
6:30 PM (w/ Emily Brimlow)

Garage on Beck (Salt Lake City, UT)
Saturday, May 28
9 PM (w/ Emily Hicks)

Lost City Live (Denver, CO)
Friday, May 20
6:30 PM (w/ David Burchfield)

Moxi Theater (Greeley, CO)
Monday, Feb 21
7 PM (w/ The Collection)

Globe Hall (Denver, CO)
Friday, Jan 21
7 PM (w/ Tom West)

Flippin Vans (Denver, CO)
Friday, Nov 5 2021
7 PM (w/ Hunnie)

Holiday Theatre (Denver, CO)
Friday, October 1 2021
7 PM (w/ Our Violet Room, Morning Bear)

Number 38 (Denver, CO)
Saturday, September 11 2021
7 PM

Sandhills Drive-In (Alliance, NE)
Saturday, May 29 2021
5 PM

Bluebird Theatre (Denver, CO)
Thursday, March 12 2020
7 PM (w/ The Copper Children, Handmade Moments)

Larimer Lounge (Denver, CO)
Saturday, February 8 2020
8 PM (w/ Run River North, New Dialogue)

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox (Denver, CO) 
Saturday, October 5 2019
8 PM (w/ The Collection)

The Laughing Goat (Boulder, CO) 
Sunday, September 22 2019
8 PM (w/ Ana Coral)

Larimer Lounge (Denver, CO) 
Wedsnesday, July 31 2019
8 PM (w/ Halleway)

Marquis Theatre (Denver, CO)
Sunday, July 21 2019
6 PM (w/ Citizens)

Cervantes’ Other Side (Denver, CO) 
Friday, May 24 2019
8 PM (w/ Upstate)

The Marquis Theater (Denver, CO) 
Friday, April 19 2019
7 PM (w/ The National Parks, WILD)

Maddie’s Beer Garden (Castle Rock, CO)
Friday, April 12 2019
7 PM (w/ Whitacre)

Larimer Lounge (Denver, CO)
Thursday, April 4 2019
7 PM (w/ The Last Bison, Copper Leaf)

Denver Women’s Correctional Facility (Denver, CO)
Tuesday, December 19 2018
7 PM

Daniel’s Hall, Swallow Hill (Denver, CO)
Friday, November 9 2018
7 PM (w/ Covenhoven)

Bluebird Theater (Denver, CO) 
Friday, August 10 2018 
8 PM (w/ Parker Millsap)

Lost Lake Lounge (Denver, CO) 
Saturday, May 26 2018
8:30 PM (w/ The Lighthouse and the Whaler, Vita and the Woolf)

Swallow Hill (Denver, CO)
Thursday, September 14 2017
7 PM (w/ Frances Luke Accord)

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